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24 hours in San Sebastian

I visited San Sebastian this past weekend and fell in love with the city.

The beach, the pintxos, the friends, the weather.

Using the last leg of our Eurail Pass, Sarah and I successfully headed to our favorite place, Sants Estacio, the main train station in Barcelona.  I say successfully because while using our Eurail pass we once missed a train (sorry for partying) and another time someone (me) forgot their pass and we had to go home instead of taking a day trip to France.  Womp womp.

Beautiful Basque Country

Beautiful Basque Country

The best part of all of our weekend excursions has been being American and getting coffee at McDonalds.  Because you know what, gosh darnit, sometimes it’s 9am and I want some crispy french fries!  If you are ever craving American style coffee in Europe and love eating McDonalds then you can get it at the highly esteemed McCafe that is featured at European McDonalds because damn that sh*t taste like it dripped right out of a coffee maker.  Also, they have macaroons AND soy milk.

Waiting for the happy meal.

One six hour train ride later through the beautiful, green basque country and we arrived!  As San Sebastian is right on the water the first stop we made was at the beach.  Although I live about a 15 minute walk to La Barceloneta, the main beach in Barcelona, the Mediterranean is no Atlantic. It smelled and felt different and I was so happy to be back.

Hola, New York!! Can you see me?

The tapas culture in the Basque region, where San Sebastian is located, is much different than the rest of Spain.  There are Pinxos bars everywhere in which you can grab a beer cerveza and grab a pinxo or two.  You eat and finish your drink then head onto the next place! I really liked this. Maybe it was because here you can hide how much you’re really eating by moving quickly from place to place, or maybe it was the quality of the food. I have recently adopted pescatarian eating habits (apart from the occasional hot dog filled croissant) and the fish was so amazing!

Food on food on food on bread on the bar.

Left – Shrimp salad *insert waving emoji here* Right – Peppers, anchovies, hard boiled egg, green salsa stuff YUM

While in San Sebastian I was able to meet up with Pat and Isabel, two exchange students who spent a year living on the East End of Long Island! It was pretty random, I only knew they were there from doing some light Facebook stalking. They met through the Rotary exchange program and it was truly heart warming to see them together after so many years.  It was great to see them, especially to have them show us some cool places in San Sebastian!

All in all, San Sebastian is my new favorite Spanish city.  I loved the city’s intimacy, the beach, and they had cider! Honestly though, if any bar has cider it’s my favorite place. Usually there is a lot of rain in the city, however we had a beautiful weekend. Sorry Barcelona!! You’ve been replaced 😉

Enjoy the view. Of my phone.


One comment on “24 hours in San Sebastian

  1. patricia moreland
    May 26, 2015

    You’re having a ball! Such a beautiful place to be living. So so happy for you.

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