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Back Blogging: Antes de Semana Santa Travels

Over the past two months I’ve been lucky enough to do some traveling.  I spent my first few months in Barcelona draining my savings account to pay my rent and eat (drink whiskey/wine).

Luckily now that I work a full time schedule, I have been able to travel a bit more.  And when I say full time I mean I teach 20 hours a week, including around 7 or so hours of prep time.

Yeah, that’s right.  A full time schedule is 20 hours a week here. Now can you understand why I love it here? Also, many of my classes are the same class to different students.  Although I want to smash my head against the wall on Wednesdays after teaching 7 hours of Advanced test preparation classes, it’s a whole lot easier than planning for each individual class.

And, the undiagnosed ADD hits hard again.  My first trip was to Valencia with two friends, Sarah and Cassandre. We went to Valencia to see Las Fallas, which commemorates Saint Joseph.  The city spends about a year building these huge, beautiful figures that on the last day of the festival are set on fire. Yeah, they spend an entire year creating these extremely intricate and ornate structures that are burnt to the ground. We went to Valencia one week before the burning of these Fallas which was basically a giant street party.

The City Hall Falla

The City Hall Falla

View from the top of the city's major cathedral

View from the top of the city’s major cathedral




Female Olmec, is that you?

BUNELOS! Fried Pumpkin covered in sugar. #NotGlutenFree #SOS

BUNELOS! Fried Pumpkin covered in sugar. #NotGlutenFree #SOS


All the sausage, please. Clearly I’m as good at being a vegetarian as I am being gluten free.

Giant Street Paella!

Giant Street Paella!



We only went for one night, but it was a great amount of time to see Valencia. It’s a very cool city. Smaller than Barcelona, but still had a great deal of character. Since the festival focuses around fire there were children and adults using fire crackers EVERYWHERE. It constantly sounded as if people were setting off guns all around you.  The first two hours were fairly nerve wracking, but after my ears became numb to the sound it was

The best part was our roommates in the hostal..

We got into our hostal around 11 p.m. or so.  The room was bare apart from two beds on the far side of the room.  Naturally, we turned on the lights and a good looking guy sat up in bed and started talking very fast Spanish.  Obviously, none of us knew what he said and after a few seconds of trying he gave up.  Normal interaction with a Spanish person.  We carried on with our business, but not before we noticed he had a suit hanging with a professional looking suitcase.  We were all very curious about this.  Why are you on a business trip on a Saturday night during Fallas?

The two boys were up quite early and left with the suit and the fancy suitcase.  However, there was another more basic suitcase left behind.  Why only bring one suitcase? Where did you go? So many unanswered questions….until……..


We were pushing our way through a thick crowd of people to get to the train station and there they were! Standing on the street, looking as if they were in a hurry! They simply switch positions when someone throws them some coins. I copied down their twitter information and now I track (creep) their lives.

The next weekend I jetted off to Mallorca with my Aunt Nancy.

She was in Barcelona on business and it was really nice to have her in Spain! She brought tons of peanut butter and speculoos cookie butter, a familiar feeling of home, and also made my lawn guyland accent stronger for a few days.

We stayed on one of the main streets in city. It was a vacation town with all of the shops you can imagine, beaches, and a gorgeous church.  The church looked almost mountainous as it was on top of a large hill overlooking the sea.





All of the random English on T-Shirts; please and thank you.

Never have I never needed as many graphic t’s as I have needed in Spain.


When in something you regularly make yourself but with some things your body doesn't like to digest..?

Eggs Benny all day every day.

Selfies for days

Selfies for days

Churches are a reoccuring theme

Churches are a reoccuring theme


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