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Post TEFL: The Beat Goes On

Hello, is this thing on? It’s been a hot second since I wrote last and I’m sorry to all my loyal followers, but I’ve honestly been having too much fun! It’s true what they say: You can’t have a social life AND a blog. I’m pretty sure Andy Warhol coined that phrase. You can quote me on that.

Anyway, I wrapped up my TEFL course, passing the grammar exam by the skin of my teeth. Holy crap, I don’t know grammar at all! Luckily I made it through the course. *Hold Applause Until End*

The end of the course was a shit show. The last week of my TEFL course consisted of a final teaching project, exam studying and finishing up late work. Not to mention the slight freak out of not having a job to pay for the fabulous lifestyle that I have become accustomed to living.

After receiving our certificates!

Almost two weeks ago I moved to a new flat right in the center of the city! I love the location, it’s directly off of La Rambla and only two blocks down from Placa Catalunya. So, cool guys, come stalk me. I think I technically live in “El Reval,” which according to some tourist website I read last night is a seedy area of the city, but I love it! I have three other flatmates. They’re great! One flatmate is Venezuelan and another is American, but is fluent in Spanish, so I am speaking way more Spanish! Es bueno.

Christmas decorations are already up on Caller de Tallers!

Also, I got a started a job at a language academy. A language academy basically handles all of the functions of English classes without a school having to facilitate it. I am teaching both business and regular English courses, as well as some private tutoring. Fingers crossed I don’t spend my rent money on shoes and a cool hat. Oh wait it already happened. Thank goodness gluten free bread is cheap here.

I wrote this on the board today for my FCE preparation class. The FCE is an important exam many students in Europe take to test their proficiency in English. I can’t remember what FCE signifies.

Takin’ selfies in finance company conference room. You know, being an adult and stuff.

Life is good in BCN!!!! Anyone want to come visit?






4 comments on “Post TEFL: The Beat Goes On

  1. jgravesss
    November 11, 2014

    So proud of you! See, the first month is so crazy and overwhelming but it all works out and falls into place! And the more you adapt, the easier it gets šŸ™‚ good luck chica!

  2. Luci brocki
    November 11, 2014

    Alex, I’m so happy you are enjoying your new life. Savor as much as you can. It is a great experience. Have fun and learn lots. XOXO

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