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On October 3rd…

Hello all and let me be the first to welcome you to my blog. Here you will find some rants and raves of my six month excursion in Barcelona, Spain! I am here through LanguageCorps, receiving my TEFL certification, and attempting to become a real Spaniard.

I discovered LanguageCorps through my friend Jessi, who completed the program last year in Prague. I visited Jessi last February and after seeing her confidence in a new city I knew I could move abroad. Spain was an easy choice as I majored in Spanish in college and want to become fluent in the language before I lost what I already know.

Before leaving the states I had tons of preparation to do. I spent months stalking various travel websites to find the cheapest tickets, organizing health insurance and applying for a visa, which was the most stressful. I applied for and received a 6 month student visa, which required a huge amount of paperwork and cost a bit of money. However, I am glad I have a visa, even if it limits my time in the country! I’m glad to be “on the grid.”

Apart from the logistics of moving to a new country, the most difficult aspect was PACKING. Being the proud fashionista I am the initial thought of packing for six months was terrifying and impossible. Yet, after my trip to Prague and Paris in February, I had a better idea of how Europeans dress and I knew to pack minimally. Though I was only there for ten days, I definitely brought enough clothes for a month, not including the clothes I bought there (Um..helloooooo, Paris!). This time around I packed a good amount of basics with some pieces that pop, like scarves, jewelry and shoes. Oh, shoes. Since I have not worn heels since graduation I knew to only pack sensible shoes. I brought three pairs of sneakers and two pairs of comfortable boots. I also decided not to bring any open toed shoes, as the last time I visited Spain I wore flip-flops and was glared at like I had three heads. And plus, I figured if I needed a pair of shoes I could always cave and buy them. Because that would be such a tough decision.

So, on October 3rd, the most holy day on the white girl calendar, I packed up my life and left for six months in Barcelona, Spain! I would like to use this blog as way to document my travels, fashion encounters, and cultural experiences! The best part is that this blog 100% validates my Communications degree. Maybe Roger will sponsor me? Insert praying emoji here.

¡Hasta Luego!


One comment on “On October 3rd…

  1. Sarah the puppy queen
    October 6, 2014

    Oooo girl! You so basic! Xoxox I’m extra super proud of you! The pups say hello and the kitten sneezed in your honor.

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